Rotary Club will continue to provide for families thanks to creative fundraising.

As snow threatens to settle and trees turn bare, the town of Ellicottville shifts into winter mode. Boots are broken out, summer tires are replaced, and calendars begin to fill with a plethora of lovely holiday traditions unique to the area. Bob McCarthy’s Irish Christmas, a seasonal highlight, is a hallmark of Ellicottville generosity and compassion. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Ellicottville, the event serves to raise funds for initiatives like Rotary-sponsored Santa’s Workshop and the Cattaraugus County Sheriffs’ Santa Program. McCarthy, a master craftsman, friend to the Rotary and passionate philanthrope, is honored each year by the community togetherness embodied by Irish Christmas. The auctioning of baked goods, hand-crafted items, and neat finds from local businesses allow both Santa’s Workshop and the Sheriff’s Department’s Santa Program to provide holiday presents and meals to local families in need.

This year, McCarthy’s Irish Christmas will still take place … with a few adjustments.

“In light of the pandemic,” said a recent Rotary press release, “it does not make sense to do a live event like we have in previous years. However, we do want to keep the spirit alive for 2020.”

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